We want you to be able to become familiar with the technology the challenge will use and how to properly handle and address the training data. Therefore, we created a toy dataset from real Covid-19 CT data that is synthetic (i.e. none if it is a real patient anymore) but quite realistic and pretty cool. You can read more about it on Ahmad’s Medium.com blog post.

Please remember that by downloading any of the data you have to comply with the data usage agreement below. There will be more information in the coming days. If you need assistance or you have any questions, please contact us over the chat box!

Thanks for your understanding and have fun test driving our brand new system!

Direct download of the toy dataset (ZIP)

Detailed code example with Eisen.ai (Github)

Google Colab notebook (Colab)


Data usage agreement:

  1. The downloaded data or any data derived from these data are not redistributed under any circumstances (same for the link to this site or the data itself).
  2. Data downloaded from this site may only be used for the purpose of preparing for the challenge and testing the system.
  3. No attempt will be made to reconstruct the original datasets (reverse engineering and such) or to de-identify the datasets.
  4. If there are doubts whether the intended use of the datasets is allowed or if you want to get permission to use the datasets in another context, please contact us.